Introduction to Computers

Duration 2 Days
Unit Standard ID 116932
Level 1

Course Objective

This course is designed for users who want to be able to use a computer. Understand the various Hardware and Software elements that form part of the Computer System. Get an understanding of the Windows 7 Operating System at a basic level. Use simple Applications and Accessories to learn the Mouse and Keyboard.


This course is for the absolute beginner who has never worked on a computer before.

Topics covered

  • Identify Hardware Components.
    • Monitors, Disks, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers and Multimedia Devices
  • Software
    • Understand the difference between the System Software and Application Software
  • Mouse Skills
    • Use the various mouse skills to navigate the Graphical User Interface and Open and Close Applications
  • Keyboard Skills
    • Get a full understanding of the keys that are used in various programs
    • Be able to use the keyboard to type sentences, enter numbers and special characters using various Applications and Accessories
  • Shutdown Windows
    • Close Applications and Shutdown Windows
  • Using Windows and Screens
    • Identify basic parts of the Window
  • Manage Applications
    • Start and Close Applications
  • Understand the Concept of Files and Folders
  • Using Windows Accessories
    • Use Paint, WordPad and the Calculator to practice mouse and keyboard skills