Intermediate Excel 2010/2013

Duration 2 Day
Unit Standard ID No Unit Standard Avalialbe
Level 1

Course Objective

This course is designed for the user who wants to use advanced functions and manage data tables to sort, filter, summarize and create Pivot Tables and PivotCharts. Charts are covered in detail to graphically enhance data.


Users should be working in Excel on a daily basis, completing the Basic Excel course will be an added advantage.

Topics covered

Topics covered

  • Advanced Formula Techniques
    • Create Name Ranges, Use Relative and Absolute Addressing and Linking
    •  Understand Errors in formulas
  • Functions
    • Use the Logical,  Financial, Text and Date and Time Functions
  • Advanced Formatting of Data
    • Use Conditional Formatting, Create Data Validation to restrict type of ahat is entered onto the Worksheet
  • Create and Manage Tables
    • Use the Form feature, Sort a Table, Filter Data and Summarize Data
  • Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to Analyse data
  •  Protecting of Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns and Worksheets
  • Charts
    • Create and Modify a Chart
    • Add Trendlines
    • Change the location of a Chart
  • Use the Graphics and Drawing features