Outlook 2013

Duration 1 Day
Unit Standard ID 116935
Level 2

Course Objective

This course is designed for delegates who wish to Send and Receive electronic Mail and use the Calendar, Tasks, Contacts features and be able to Create out of Office Rules Automatically.


The delegate will need to have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Topics covered

  • Understand and Navigate the Outlook 2013 screen
  • Send, Receive and Forward Mail
  • Attach Files
  • Delete and Search for Messages
  • Understand Categories
  • Flag Messages
  • Preview and Print Messgaes
  • Work with Folders
  • Create Signatures
  • Use the Address Book to Manage Recipients
  • Use the Calendar to Manage Personal Appointments
  • Plan Meeetings
  • Create and use Notes in the Tasks Section
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Trash and Junk Mail
  • Create Out of Office Rules Automatically