Intermediate Word 2010/2013

Duration 1 Day
Unit Standard ID 116930
Level 3

Course Objective

This course will give the user the ability to create and modify complex business documents and use the program to its maximum. Topics that are covered include creating of styles, formatting of Charts and Tables, using Sections to have several page formatting in one document and using the Mail Merge features.


Users should have done the Basic Word course or have a very good knowledge of the basics of Word.

Topics covered

  • Advanced Character Formatting
    • AutoCorrect and AutoText features
  • Advanced Paragraph Formatting
    • Using Tabs and Multilevel Bullets and Numbering Lists
  • Working with Sections
  • Graphical Layout of Pages
    • Create Cover Pages, Add Backgrounds and add elaborate Borders
  • Document Formatting
    • Apply Themes, Styles and Automatic Formats to Documents
  • Templates
    • Create Templates, Change the Default Template and use Complex Templates available in Word
  • Create Newspaper Columns
    • Manually change the number of columns and the width of each column, add a line between columns
    • Insert Pictures, Tables and other elements into a column
  • Use the Advanced features of Tables
  • Insert Advanced Graphics
  • Mail Merge
    • Preform Mail Merge for Letters, Envelopes and Labels
  • Create Bookmarks, Captions and Cross Reference’s in Complex Documents