Windows 7

Duration 1 Day
Unit Standard ID 117902
Level 1

Course Objective

This course is designed for students who wish to use the Windows 7 Operating System to Navigate the Desktop and Applications, Manage Files, Folders and Customize the various elements of the Operating System.


The user must be able to use the various Mouse techniques including clicking and double-clicking. Know the keys and their functions of the keyboard. Open and Close Programs with ease.

Topics Covered

  • Navigate the Windows Environment
    • Identify Parts of the Desktop and Identify Icons
    • Use the Start Button and the Start Menu
    • Navigate the Taskbar
  • Shutdown Windows
    • Restart and Hibernate Windows
    • Close Applications and Shutdown Windows
  • Using Windows and Screens
    • Identify parts of the Window
    • Move and Adjust the Size of the Window
    • Minimize, Maximize and Restore a Window
  • Manage Applications
    • Start and Close the Applications
  • Manage Gadgets
  • Understand Libraries
  • Working with Files and Folders
    • Opening, Searching and Viewing Files and Folders
    • Renaming, Copying, Moving and Deleting Files and Folders
  • Use the Recycle Bin
  • Using Windows Applications
    • Paint, WordPad and Calculator
  • Control Panel
    • Customize the Desktop and Regional Settings
  • Printing Options