Internet and Outlook 2013

Duration 1 Day
Unit Standard ID 117902
Level 1

Course Objective

Understand the fundamentals of the Internet. Know what kinds of connections are available. Use the Protection and Security Settings and understand a Web Address. Send and Receive E-mail. Manage the Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and be able to Create Out of Office Rules Automatically.


The delegate will need to have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Topics covered


  • Fundamentals of the Internet
  • Know the parts of a Web Address
  • Understand different types of Internet Connections
    • Dial Up, ADSL, Cable, Satellite, Mobile and WiFi
  • Glossary of Terms
    • Hotspots, Broadband, Search Engine etc.
  • Get to know Microsoft Explorer 6 screen
  • Use a Search Engine
  • Hyperlinks
  • Web Search Strings
  • Create Bookmarks and Favorites

Outlook 2013

  • Understand and Navigate the Outlook 2013 screen
  • Send, Receive and Forward Mail
  • Attach Files
  • Delete and Search for Messages
  • Understand Categories
  • Create Signatures
  • Use the Address Book to Manage Recipients
  • Use the Calendar to Manage Personal Appointments
  • Create and use Notes in the Tasks Section
  • Manage Contacts