Basic Project 2010/2013

Duration 2 Days
Unit Standard ID None available

Course Objective

The Objective of this course is to understand the fundamentals of Project Management. Create a Plan, Track its Progress, add Resources update the plan and compare the plan with the Baseline. Use the many reports available to evaluate all the processes.


The User should have a very good understanding of a Computer and Excel would be an advantage.

Topics covered

  • Basics of Project Management
  • Navigate the Project Interface
  • Manage the Project
    • Open, Save, Close and Create a New Project
  • Entering Data
    • Add a WBS Structure
    • Entering and Deleting Tasks
    • Enter Durations and Milestones
  • Customize the Project
    • Linking Tasks and Changing Relationships
    • Updating the Timescale
    • Customize the Calendar
    • Adding Lead and Lag Time
  • Working with Constraints and Deadline Dates
  • Managing Resources and Costs
    • Add and Manage Resources
    • Using the different Cost Tables
    • Assign Resources to Tasks
  • Managing Over-allocation of Resources
  • Tracking the Project
  • Exploring Reports, Views and Tables