Basic PowerPoint 2010/2013

Duration 1 Day
Unit Standard ID 116933
Level 1

Course Objective

This course will enable the user to use PowerPoint to create a presentation, format text on slides, add Tables and Graphical Objects. This will enable the user to present a professional presentation with animations, transitions of slides that can be delivered successfully to an audience.


Users must have a good understanding of Windows and are able to use the mouse and the keyboard with ease.

Topics covered

  • Identify Elements of the PowerPoint Interface
    • Overview of the Screen, Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Dialog Boxes
  • Understanding Views
    •  Slide Sorter View, Outline View and Slide Show View
  • Creating, Saving, Opening and Closing of Presentations
  • Creating Slides
    • Adding, Selecting, Formatting of Text, Copy, Move and Paste Text, Add Bullets on to a Slide
  • Check Spelling of a Presentation
  • Drawing of Graphical Objects on Slides
  • Inserting Pictures and Clip Art
    • Moving and Sizing of Pictures and ClipArt
    • Saved Pictures
    • Online Pictures
  • Manipulating Pictures
    • Moving, Sizing, Copying, Duplicating and Formatting
  • Insert a Table on a Slide
    • Navigate in a Table, Add or Delete Rows and Columns, Format a Table
  • Animate Objects on a Slide
  • Add Transitions to Slides
  •  Printing
    • Handouts, Notes Pages and Slides