Basic Access 2010/2013

Duration 2 Days
Unit Standard ID 116936
Level 3

Course Objective

The Objective of this course is to understand the fundamentals of Managing and Creating a Database. Understand and Create Objects including Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports. Create Relationships between Tables. Enter data and create Queries on the data. Create and Print Reports based on Tables or Queries. Import Spreadsheets. Create Macros to automatically open Forms and Tables.


The User should have a very good understanding of a Computer and Excel would be an added advantage.

Topics covered

  • Fundamentals of a Database
    • Understand the Purpose of Relationships between Tables
    • Establish Primary Keys and Manage Indexes
  • Explore the Access Interface
  • Create a Database
  • Create Tables
    • Create Fields and change the properties of Fields
    • Add Records
    • Save the Table
  • Finding and Sorting Date in a Table
  • Create Queries
    • Add Fields, Use Criteria to filter data
    • Create Calculations in Queries
    • Save and Print Queries
  • Forms
    • Create Forms and add Fields onto the Form
    • Change the properties of Fields on a Form
    • Add Text Boxes, Command buttons, Lists and Combo Boxes
  • Create Macros
    • To Open Forms and Queries
    • Create a Switchboard and add Command buttons with Macros