Excel 2013 and Visual Basic

Duration 2 Days
Unit Standard ID No Unit Standard available

Course Objective

The Objective of this course is to automate Excel tasks with Macros. It includes running, editing and managing Macros. Fundamentals of Visual Basic are covered in detail, including declaring variables, prompting for user input and using conditional (If… Then… Else) Statements.


The User needs to have an advanced knowledge of Excel. Knowledge of coding or programming would be an advantage.

Topics covered

  • Templates and Forms
    • Adding Controls to a Form
      • Check Box, Option Buttons, List Box, Combo Box
  • Macros
    • Record, Run, Delete Macros
    • Debug Macros
  • Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor
    • The Project Window, The Properties Window, The Code Window
  • Working with Objects
  • Variables and Constants
  • Control Structures
  • Controls, Dialog Boxes and Forms
  • Functions
    • Build-in Functions
    • Create a Custom Function